A place to tell your story for students in Kortrijk

If you are looking for someone to share your story with, you have come to the right place. In collaboration with Kortrijk Studentenstad, Ichtus Flanders offers several time slots per week to have a chat with Sem or Ruth, two employees of Ichtus Flanders.

Who they are and when they are available for a chat can be found on this page.

Through the link of Calendly you can reserve one of the free moments. The available places are limited, so remember to cancel your appointment if for some reason you cannot make it.

The place to meet is always JC Tranzit on the Nelson Mandelaplein in Kortrijk, a 10 minute walk from the station. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to mail Ruth or Sem.

This is Ruth.

In these corona times you will mostly find her in their terraced house in Kortrijk together with her husband, their three-year old son and their cat Hobbes. Not the dreaded corona kilos, but a growing baby makes her a bit rounder every week. In other words: the family is expanding.

During lockdown, she keeps herself busy reading, going on walks and sitting on the bench by the playground now that the weather is improving. At other times – when there is no lockdown or pregnancy limiting her – Ruth likes to plays soccer, hanging out with family and friends or she might go for a drink or a meal in town.

Ruth spent her student years here in Kortrijk: spending time in her ‘kot’, in the city centre and on the VIVES campus where she studied Public Safety. If you are in need of a chat, don’t hesitate to drop by! Ruth is not a professional cousellor, but she’s an experienced mentor of Flemish and international students through her past years at Ichtus Vlaanderen. Her job is to talk to students, listen to them and challenge them. Ruth is happy to be your listening ear, a critical mind or one that can refer you to better help. Depending on what you need. Register here to chat with Ruth on a Monday.

Sem moved to Kortrijk 12 years ago to become a local student worker with Ichtus Vlaanderen. Together with his wife and their 2 children, they open up their family to welcome students, to listen to them and to show them hospitality. Sem studied Occupational Therapy and Strategic Human Resource Management. For the European branch of the student union, he is also responsible for the mentor network where he trains new student workers to get better at coaching/mentoring students. Locally, he still likes to take the time to listen to your story and ask you some good questions. If you need a chat, you’re very welcome. Sem is not a professional counsellor and will therefore refer you if necessary. Register here to have a chat with Sem on a Thursday or a Friday.