Student work in Flanders is growing and wants to continue to focus on evangelisation and discipleship. For this, money is needed. Perhaps you would like to consider supporting this work? This can be done monthly or, for example, with a collection in your church.

You can also support us through a duo bequest. You can find more info at the end of this page.

Bank Transfer/Standing Order:

Ichtus Vlaanderen
IBAN: BE57 2300 0887 7035

Below are some projects for which your support could be very much needed.
Our conferences
Ichtus organises four conferences for students every year. In these, we provide equipping through teaching, rest, prayer, workshops and relaxation. We see that for many students these events are valuable reference points in their busy academic year. More and more of them are coming to these weekends and retreat weeks, and with that the costs are also rising. Would you like to consider supporting one of these conferences? Let us know, we will be happy to give you more details on what is needed.


The duo bequest is a formula whereby part of the estate is donated to Ichtus Vlaanderen, to the benefit of the heirs and the non-profit organisation Ichtus Vlaanderen.
It is legally possible to have your heirs pay less inheritance tax if, at the same time, you include a non-profit association like Ichtus Flanders in your will.
This so-called 'duo bequest' is mentioned in Article 64, paragraph 2 of the inheritance tax legislation. It states that one can provide in a will that person A receives a bequest completely free of inheritance tax on condition that person B pays person A's inheritance tax.

A duo bequest must meet three conditions:
- you should draw up a will
- you leave part of your assets to one or more persons
- you leave the remainder of your assets to Ichtus Vlaanderen vzw (company number: 0424.838.719), which will be obliged to pay all inheritance tax.

The advantage of the duo bequest lies in the difference in inheritance tax payable. Indeed, private individuals pay up to 65% inheritance tax while - depending on the tax residence of the deceased - Ichtus Vlaanderen vzw pays only 8.8% (Flanders), 7% (Wallonia) or 25% (Brussels). The amount of inheritance tax for private individuals depends on the amount of the estate and the degree of kinship between testator and heirs. Your notary can give you more advice on the most optimal distribution of your estate, etc.

To summarise: The donor should therefore have a will drawn up by a notary, in which he/she determines which part of the inheritance he/she will donate to Ichtus Vlaanderen vzw. It is recommended to mention our company number (0424.838.719) in addition to the full name of our non-profit organisation (Ichtus Vlaanderen vzw). That is actually the only thing. If the donor dies, the notary will contact Ichtus Vlaanderen.


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