Ichtus has the following vision: To live and proclaim the gospel holistically among students..

Ichtus intends to live out this vision through the following goals:

1. Formation Ichtus seeks to train students in a broad vision of the gospel that includes mission, evangelism and discipleship.

2. Relevance Ichtus wants to be relevant tostudents, to Flanders and to the international context. To do this, it is important to know where the needs of society lie

3. Community In this age of individualism, Ichtus wants to choose to emphasize the community aspects of being a Christian. This means being an open community that welcomes people with different beliefs.

Ichtus' identity is built on the following four pillars:

1. Evangelical. Ichtus is an evangelical movement; placed within the Protestant tradition, it emphasizes the centrality of the Cross, the Bible as God's authoritative Word, personal conversion, evangelism and social action.

2. Interdenominational. Ichtus is an interdenominational organization. Students learn to live and work together with other church traditions; primarily churches from the Protestant-evangelical tradition, but appropriate cooperation with students from other major Christian traditions can also be explored (without giving up our individuality in the process).

3. Student Leadership Students themselves, not the staff, take care of their groups. Servitude, listening and collaborative leadership is preached, encouraged and taught. Although not every student has leadership qualities, everyone is encouraged to participate in caring for the group. The participation of women in leadership is a distinctive feature of Ichtus (and the IFES movement).

4. Emphasis on Bible study and spirituality. The focus in the evangelical movement on personal Bible reading and prayer needs to be affirmed. We offer students various models of devotional Bible reading and prayer. Bible study forms the backbone of group activities.